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Chainlens - See the blockchain your way.

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Rich analytics


Capture metrics such as user engagement and activity with specific tokens.

Customisable with your branding


Customisation tailored to your brand  guidelines, including underlying blockchain details.

API-driven endpoints


Listen to activities taking place on-chain to integrate with other applications and provide metrics.

User centric, not chain centric

User centric

We want your users to find the information they need quickly without bombarding them with low-level data.



Chainlens scales with your network.

Dedicated support

Dedicated support

Our engineers are always on hand to resolve issues.

What our customers say

"Chainlens is our go-to platform for monitoring new tokens and contracts on the Palm Ethereum network."

Daniel Heyman

CEO of Palm NFT Studio

"We recommend to all of our partners and customers using Azure Blockchain Service that they make use of Web3 Labs’ Chainlens for its exceptional user experience and insights it provides."

Marley Gray

Principal Architect, Azure Blockchain Engineering, Cloud & Enterprise, Microsoft